Invitation to Meeting for Worship Online

Meeting for Worship online is held every Thursday at 6 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Time Zones

Aotearoa/New Zealand   8.00 PM
Australia (NSW) 6.00 PM
Australia (Q) 5.00 PM
Australia (WA) 3.00 PM
Hong Kong   3.00 PM
India  12.30 PM
Philippines   3.00 PM
Singapore 3.00 PM
South Korea 4.00 PM
Japan     4.00 PM
U.K.      7.00 AM

This meeting will usually be hosted by our Friends Michael Searle and Ronis Chapman from Canberra, Australia.

If you would like to join us please email Michael Searle at and he will send information about downloading and using Zoom for our online meeting, and a link to the meeting room.

Guidelines for online MfW

  • The host of the day will start the Meeting for Worship
  • When you enter the meeting you are invited to write your name and where you live in the chat section
  • As we go into silence, let us turn off our microphones and speakers
  • Written and spoken ministry is welcome, as Spirit moves us. Please remember to turn your microphone on and off before and after spoken ministry!
  • The host will close the meeting 30 minutes after its start time
  • The meeting room will stay open for another 15 minutes for spoken or written fellowship, reflection and conversation, guided by the host/s.
  • Please feel free to farewell and leave the meeting room when you need