Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) staff work with people in the UN, multilateral organisations, government delegations, and non-governmental organisations, to achieve changes in international standards and practice. Quakers are known for speaking out against injustice and war – issues that are incompatible with our vision of a world in which peace and justice prevail.

Their work is rooted in the Quaker testimonies of peace, truth, justice, equality, and simplicity. QUNO understands peace as more than the absence of war and violence, recognizing the need to look for what seeds of war there may be in all our social, political, and economic relationships.

QUNO maintains houses in Geneva and New York to serve as QUNO offices and meeting places close to the UN. For nearly fifty years, Quaker Houses have provided a place where UN diplomats, staff, and nongovernmental partners can work on difficult issues in a quiet, off-the-record atmosphere out of the public eye.
In addition to providing space for informal luncheons with diplomats and UN staff, Quaker Houses are a centre for seminars, workshops, committee meetings, and Quaker hospitality. Friends and Friends’ organizations make use of Quaker House facilities as they learn about and participate in UN activities.

QUNO views climate change as an environmental, political and economic challenge that interconnects with its work on peace and justice issues. They seek to highlight the human impacts of climate change at a time when communities worldwide are experiencing its consequences, yet man made greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) continue to rise at dangerous rates.


Jonathan Wooley, Director QUNO Geneva and Lindsey Fielder Cook, QUNO Representative for Climate Change

Asia West Pacific Section Representatives

Each FWCC Section has a representative on the Quaker UN Committees.


The AWPS representative for Geneva is Betty Pulido. Betty lives in Manila and is a member of the Philippine Evangelical Friends International Ministries (PEFIM).

 John Leighton
The AWPS representative for New York is Aletia Dundas. Aletia lives in Sydney and is a member of Australia Yearly Meeting.