Environmental Memorial Art and Disaster Resilience

And FWCC Climate Action Network webinar with Ma. Rosalie Zerrudo
October 7th

Dear Friend,

The Climate Action Network hope you might join this inspiring event!

Learn more about the role of environmental memorial art to build community strength in the face of climate change.

Heatwaves, fires, floods, cyclones, disasters…how are we able, as individuals and as a community, to process such changes being brought on by climate?

Rosalie Zerrudo from the Philippines will share stories and show how arts practices can engage with communities facing environmental challenges and loss, to bring healing, dignity and new hope. She is a community-based teaching artist with the heart of a cultural worker. Her background in psychology and Masters in Educational Theatre for Communities at New York University compliments her meaning-making and process-oriented art practice that she describes as soul work. She is an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts in the Philippines and is currently doing her PhD in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology.

You can register for the event using the QR Code below or by clicking on the code image.

For a healed planet,

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Adrian Glamorgan