2023 Hong Kong Section Gathering

2023 Hong Kong Section Gathering

6pm Thursday October 19th to 2pm Monday October 23rd (plus afternoon field trip)

Salesian Retreat Centre, Cheung Chau Island

Optional Quaker-related activities for two days prior to the Gathering (subject to numbers)

Dear Friends,

Exciting news – an opportunity for Friends across Asia West Pacific to meet up in Hong Kong in October! Together, face-to-face, we will explore the richness of our Section, our diversity, how we are developing in the spirit, the opportunities for future fellowship, and mutual concerns.

The Gathering is Thursday 19 October 6pm to Monday 23 October lunchtime, at Salesian Retreat Center, 21,Don Bosco Road,Cheung Chau,HK

It is wonderful that FWCC World General Secretary Tim Gee will join us, as well as Quaker United Nations Office New York director Sarah Clark.  We are encouraging Friends from across the region to attend.

Some of the themes we will share together:

  • Cherishing one another, and our home (Connecting with Friends)
  • Providing jmeans of subsistence, learning and participation (Connecting with Quaker processes)
  • Choosing to wear “the garment of Destiny” (Martin Luther King Jnr’s phrase) (Connecting with the future)
  • Respond with Hope: Living Adventurously (Committing to Plans)

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Hopes for the Section Gathering

At the Section Gathering my hope is we can build awareness of each other’s lives and circumstances, deepen relationships, and encourage Friends to become alive to common concerns in our faith in action, always starting from where people are at. In Asia West Pacific termsour yearly meetings and groups are so different in terms of their own Quaker histories, their access to learning about Quaker processes, and extent of public spheres enabling them to express their faith in action in different ways. No one meeting is the same as another. I’ve come to think of these differences mean our engagement is like a Quaker quilt! Together each contribution is beautiful in itself: together, let’s we find ways to match the squares for best effect!

May your meetings be gathered,

In Friendship

Adrian Glamorgan