Yearly Meeting Clerk

Aotearoa/New Zealand

Dear Lesley Young

I am writing on behalf of the Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC to express our deep sadness and our support for Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand at this very tragic time.

We have heard about the deaths of people who were praying in Mosques in Christchurch – a place where they should have felt safe.

There must be many people in New Zealand who are mourning the loss of these people and mourning the fact that such violence happened in places of worship.

We feel the pain with you. This tragedy affects people all over the world, including Quakers in many places.  We send you all our loving support.

Love overcomes fear and hatred.  William Penn asked us to “see what love can do”.

We stand with you in love.  We all have a role to play to overcome fear and hatred in our world.

In love and peace

Ronald Titus

AWPS Clerk.

16thMarch 2019

Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit.  You not only refuse to shoot someone, but you refuse to hate them”

Martin Luther King Jr.