The Ecology of the heart

The spiritual life itself is an experiment. It is not a path of certainty. It is a voyage
of discovery, needing humility; a willingness to be open and a recognition of our
limitations. It is not a straight line, but has many twists and turns. Its
authenticity is tested out in the experience of everyday life and may be both
challenged and affirmed by those people one meets when undertaking.

Harvey Gillman Words The Friend Publication Limited 2016

Crossing Cultures – Sharing stories

Your Section Committee has been working hard over the last 6 months. We
met in Hong Kong in October 2016 and thought and talked about ways we
can strengthen our ties, share our spiritual journeys and build a community
of Quakers in the Asia West Pacific Section. Stories are being collected and
put on the website. A number of the stories in this newsletter are now on
the website.