In January 2015 at the AWPS Meeting held in Hong Kong a number of goals were developed.  This was a rich meeting of Friends from diverse cultures and theological backgrounds and new friendships were formed and established connections reignited.  We talked a lot at this meeting about ways for Friends across our vast section to meet and learn from each other in ways other than travel.  This is the goal that came out of our yearning to be more connected.

Goal 1: To build and develop caring connections between individuals and groups to promote friendship, understanding, unity as Friends/Quakers.

  • Collaborate on World Quaker Day activities.
  • Find new and diverse ways to maximize the benefits of visits and travel.
  • Develop opportunities to connect electronically, including online worship.
  • Set up companion relationships (noting that each country will find a word similar to ‘companion’ that is meaningful in their culture).
  • Promote FWCC among Friends.
  • Consider opportunities for joint social action, worship, and discussion groups, in person and/or online.

Suggested Initial Activities for establishing Companion Meetings.

  • Establish one contact person in each meeting to be the prime correspondentSend a photo or two of members and also your meeting place.
  • Introduce your town/city/country to each other.
  • Have a skype/facetime/google hang out meeting.
  • Decide on how regularly you will contact each other – eg monthly?
  • Share Quaker newsletters if you have them.
  • Ask each other a question or two about the structure of your meeting.
  • Become face book friends.
  • Share a recipe!

Suggested Activities once you have established contact.

  • Share information on your service projects.
  • Have an on line Meeting for Worship.
  • Organise a joint study session.  (for example, you could separately have a workshop on a particular Advice or Query and then have a shared Skype discussion)

The possibilities are endless and each group will have your own ideas.  I would love it if you can document your progress so that we can inspire other meetings to become Companions.