The role of Secretary is an administrative position with responsibility for a range of tasks. While the position covers a number of tasks, the occupant is only expected to cover as many of these roles as they find possible. The occupant will be expected to travel within the Section at least once a year and travel to the annual meeting of the FWCC Central Executive Committee. The position is funded at the level of 1 day per week.

AWPS tasks 5%
• Maintain a small office
• Maintain contact details of affiliated Yearly Meetings, Monthly Meetings and Worshipping Groups
• Maintain the FWCC/AWPS archives

AWPS Committee work 15%
• Organise regular meetings of the committee and take minutes (with Clerk)
• Organise Section Gatherings (with Committee)
• Liaise with the AWPS Treasurer on section financial matters
• Assist Clerk to send greetings to YM events.
• Support the Development Committee
Work with the development Committee and Section Treasurer on fundraising tasks to keep the Section budget balanced and to fund other approved special projects.
• Support other section working groups – e.g. Indian schools’ group

Communication 25%
• Publish printed newsletter and e newsletter
• Maintain the AWPS Website
• Maintain Facebook page

Supporting Friends in AWPS 25%
• Support monthly meetings and worship groups on request
• Support isolated Friends in the section
• Represent AWPS on the International Membership Application Committee (based in London)
• Maintain contact with Quaker groups in the section (AWPS, Evangelical Friends, Friends schools)

Global FWCC tasks 25%
• Maintain contact with World Office and the other 3 FWCC Sections
• Participate in global FWCC projects – e.g. World Quaker Day
• Maintain contact with other the Quaker United Nations office,
• Represent AWPS on the FWCC Central Executive Committee and attend its meetings

Personal 5%
• Establish and participate in a support group
• Take time for personal development – eg on line Quaker courses.

Support by the Committee

There are 5-7 members of the AWPS Committee in support of the Secretary. The expectation would be that each of the Committee would take on one of the portfolio responsibilities outlined below. The Committee has regular Zoom meetings (approx. 6 per year), and at least one annual face to face meeting. Agendas with papers prepared by portfolio holders would be circulated at least a week before a meeting, and minutes sent out not later than a week afterwards. Non-committee members with portfolios would provide reports to the Committee and could join meetings by zoom when relevant.

Committee Portfolios

Nominations: Manage the Nominations sub-committee which is responsible for both AWPS nominations and FWCC nominations.

Development: Manage the Development Committee including encouraging
bequests, seeking support from Trusts, encouraging contributions from Quaker
YMs, groups and individuals.

Indian Schools Working Group: Liaise with the Indian Schools Working Group.
Web site: Keeping the site fresh, up-to-date and well managed. Responsible for
posting material on the site, not primarily writing content but doing so on

Publications: responsible for writing tasks including the preparation of articles on
AWPS activities and content for the website. Including commissioning articles
by others and working with the Secretary on the e-news.

Membership: Responsible for all the one on one membership work the section
does including with the International Membership Applications Committee
(IMAC). IMAC is an FWCC world office committee and managed from the
London Office.

Spiritual nurture/education: Manage the online meeting for worship, webinars
and supporting those travelling in the ministry.

Special Projects: responsible for the big focusses of the section. At the moment
that would include climate change sustainability and the Philippines water

QUNO liaison: supporting the AWPS representatives on NY and Geneva QUNO
committees. This includes assistance with gathering information for the
representatives report to the Committees and distributing reports after the
committee meetings. It could also include distributing QUNO material on
particular events or issues.

March 2020