Aotearoa/New Zealand Quaker Lecture 2019 – CRIME and PUNISHMENT – Terry Waite

Terry Waite, British humanitarian and former hostage for nearly five years, talks about prison reform and rehabilitation.

As a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s private staff he was successful in aiding the freedom of hostages in Lebanon, Iran and Libya. It was while in Beirut that he was captured and spent almost five years in solitary confinement. He is both an Anglican and a member of the Society of Friends. This lecture addresses the issue of penal reform, where Terry brings his personal experiences to this pressing issue, both for the UK and New Zealand.


Australia Yearly Meeting Backhouse Lecture 2019 – Jason Macleod

In this lecture, Jason shared what he has learnt about accompanying West Papuans in their struggle for self-determination. Through personal stories – enlivened by poetry, art, music and video – he shared his sense of this experience in ways that might speak more broadly to Quaker concerns. While Jason spoke about West Papua, the lecture was not really about West Papua, much less about West Papuans.

The Lecture is a deeply personal reflection on what one person thinks it takes to animate freedom in the context of historical and continuing colonisation.