Provided by Gerry Yokota


1. Meeting for Worship

1.1 Do you come to Meeting for Worship with heart and mind prepared?

1.2 Do you wait for divine leading in worship?

1.3 Do you feel united with others by the power of God in the silence?

1.4 Is Meeting for Worship a source of inspiration for you in your daily life?


2. Vocal Ministry

2.1 When you speak, are you led by the Inner Light?

2.2 Is your vocal ministry simple and brief?

2.3 Do you listen to vocal ministry with faith in the divine working at the heart of the message?


3. Responsibilities of Membership

3.1 Do you endeavor to attend Meeting for Worship regularly?

3.2 Do you honor Meeting for Business to the same extent as Meeting for Worship?

3.3 Are you careful not to disturb the silence during worship?

3.4 Do you carry your fair share of responsibility as a member?

3.5 When you are prevented from attending Meeting for Worship, do you make an effort to maintain faithful connections?

3.6 Do you pay your membership fees?

3.7 Do you study the history and faith of the Religious Society of Friends?

3.8 Do you have a concern for affiliated organizations and support their work?




4. Faith and Practice

4.1 Do you make a faithful effort to keep in touch with members who cannot attend Meeting for Worship?

4.2 Do you warmly welcome visitors and encourage them to continue attending?

4.3 Do you endeavor to solve problems in the spirit of love and generosity?

4.4 Do you endeavor to build peace, keeping a view of the wider society in mind?

4.5 Do you respect all life?

4.6 Do you endeavor to protect the environment?

4.7 Do you endeavor to share the Quaker faith and way of life with others?

4.8 Do you believe that the Inner Light resides in all, and treat all as friends, regardless of race or gender?


5. Private Life

5.1 Do you take care to live simply?

5.2 Do you make time daily to read the Bible or other devotional literature?

5.3 Is your mundane life so busy that it interferes with your spiritual life?

5.4 Does your family understand your faith?


(adopted November 2018)