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The Spiritual Roots of Quaker Ways: Stuart Masters September 2020

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Responses to Questions from Module 2 of Woodbrooke/AWPS Study Program Equality Early Quakers argued that "God might teach, transform and speak through any person" but that the person needed salvation first. This appears to conflict with Fox's injunction to "walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone". Is there a conflict between [...]

2019 Quaker lectures

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Aotearoa/New Zealand Quaker Lecture 2019 - CRIME and PUNISHMENT - Terry Waite Terry Waite, British humanitarian and former hostage for nearly five years, talks about prison reform and rehabilitation. As a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury's private staff he was successful in aiding the freedom of hostages in Lebanon, Iran and Libya. It was while [...]

Texts translated to Indonesian

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Friends Spiritual Message By Howard Brinton, translated to Indonesian by Nanik and Nadine Hoover Friends Spiritual Message Interpretation of Quakerism By Rufus Jones, translated to Indonesia by Nanik and Nadine Hoover Interpretation of Quakerism

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