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Text of August E News

Text of E News August 2019 This is the Central Executive Committee of FWCC at Camp NeeKauNees, a Quaker camp under the care of Canadian Yearly Meeting near Waubaushene, Ontario. CEC Meeting The Central Executive Committee of Friends World Committee for consultation meets face to face once a year.  Read my report on this meeting [...]

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2019 Quaker lectures

Aotearoa/New Zealand Quaker Lecture 2019 - CRIME and PUNISHMENT - Terry Waite Terry Waite, British humanitarian and former hostage for nearly five years, talks about prison reform and rehabilitation. As a member of the Archbishop of Canterbury's private staff he was successful in aiding the freedom of hostages in Lebanon, Iran and Libya. It was while [...]

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Woodbrooke course on Eldership and Oversight

Eldership and Oversight: an online course offered by Woodbrooke, Birmingham, UK. The course will help any Quaker serving in eldership / oversight / pastoral care to become more aware and confident in their role – whether learning at the start of an appointment or developing their knowledge and skills. There are still places for the [...]

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FWCC Central Executive Committee 2019

Central Executive Committee (CEC), Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC)  Toronto, Canada. June 2019 Report by Ronis Chapman, Asia West Pacific Section Secretary.  FWCC is registered as a charity in the U.K. and the Board of Trustees of the charity is made up of Friends from around the world. In the Quaker world the Board is [...]

Newsletter 104 – April 2019

Making Friendly Connections When Friends in the Australia-West Pacific Section spend time together – in person and online – we discover more about who we are We are Friends in Christ Download full Newsletter - ENGLISH Download full Newsletter - HINDI

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How have I been affected by FWCC? Lorraine Thomson, Canberra Australia Yearly Meeting

When I was asked to write about how I have been affected by FWCC related activities,  I was puzzled. What could I say? I haven't travelled with FWCC, I haven't served on any committees, I have been pretty much focused on my local Canberra Meeting. Yet it soon struck me that my horizons have been [...]

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Response from AWPS to terror attacks in Christchurch mosques

Yearly Meeting Clerk Aotearoa/New Zealand Dear Lesley Young I am writing on behalf of the Asia West Pacific Section of FWCC to express our deep sadness and our support for Friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand at this very tragic time. We have heard about the deaths of people who were praying in Mosques in Christchurch – [...]

An Encounter between Quaker Mysticism and Taoism in Everyday Life by Cho-Nyon Kim

Australian Yearly Meeting 2018 Backhouse Lecture An Encounter between Quaker Mysticism and Taoism in Everyday Life by Cho-Nyon Kim Cho-Nyon Kim is a member of the Daejon, South Korea, Quaker Monthly Meeting.  In this lecture he explores his spiritual journey in the Korean religious environment, in which Confucianism, Buddhism. Taoism and Christianity have all [...]

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Farewell and Thank You Letter from Michael Wajda and Alison Levie

Thank You and Farewell - 4 November 2018 Dear Friends, We have just finished our amazing eight-week FWCC AWPS Quaker journey among you and want to tell you how enriched we have been by the whole experience. It all started in Hong Kong where 35 Friends from throughout the Asia West Pacific countries gathered for [...]

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