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AWPS Gathering
The AWPS Constitution

Answering God’s call to universal love, the Asia West-Pacific Section brings Friends of varying Quaker traditions and cultures together to celebrate our Quaker heritage, to care for one another and to work collectively on international concerns.

FWCC AWPS is the collective body for Friends/Quaker meetings in the Asia West Pacific Section. Yearly Meetings in the region can choose to affiliate with AWPS and then all individual members of those yearly meetings are members of FWCC.

Monthly Meetings and worship groups can also choose to affiliate with AWPS. Individuals who do not live near a meeting can become an international member. Affiliation of monthly meetings, worship groups and individuals is done through the International Membership program

Information about this international membership program can be found here.

Asia West Pacific Section is the newest of the sections and was formed in 1985 and the first business meeting was held in 1988 in Tokyo at the FWCC Triennial.

Goals – developed January 2015